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New car!

After 2 1/2 years of joy, the novelty has somewhat worn off and I’m feeling it’s about time to replace my beloved MX-5.  I came up with a set of requirements for a replacement, pretty much as follows:

  • Reasonable fuel economy – I’m sick of averaging <30mpg
  • Able to seat 4 adults – I kind of miss road trips with friends
  • Comfortable – increasing back trouble has made low-slung sports cars a bit painful
  • No more expensive to tax/insure than the MX-5 (not difficult!)
  • No more than 6 years old
  • Pretty!  No self-respecting petrolhead wants to be seen driving a shed.

After cooking  up a savings plan such that I could afford to go and buy a replacement in March/April then sell the MX-5 just in time for next summer, I made the mistake of taking a look at the market just to see what was available now within my planned budget.

I found a few interesting BMWs – mostly 320d and 520d, but they’re a dime a dozen.  I planned to go and take a look at a nice 520d which seemed like an unmissable deal, but they’d taken a deposit on it before I was free to travel through to see it.

Since I was already geared up for car shopping, I decided to take a punt and go to see a nice looking silver Jaguar X-Type 2.2d SE – heated leather, electric everything, built in sat nav – the works.  Not really a model I’ve ever given a second thought to, to be honest, but after seeing her up close and going for a test drive I was completely and utterly sold.

Well, one thing inevitably led to another, and I am now a proud Jag owner, 3 months ahead of schedule.  Here she is:

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I’ve owned this domain for a while and finally decided to do something with it. I may go no further than making this inaugural post, but I have a few ideas for what I’d like to host here.

WordPress seems like the ideal way of just throwing content on here without having to write any HTML (yay!) so let’s roll with that for now and see where it gets us.

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