Automated Tile Tracker Beta!

The first incarnation of my automated tile tracker is now available to try out.  I’m looking for people to beta test it and identify any functional problems, and to make any suggestions for features.  Both forms of feedback may be left in the comments section below.

Update: Moved to

Here is the kind of thing you should expect:

Login page List of games Game details - incomplete Game details - completed


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21 Responses to Automated Tile Tracker Beta!

  1. First bug – blank tiles were not appearing in the ‘Your rack’ list. Fixed!

  2. Moved to new URL; Split up “running games” list; Own name is always shown on left now

  3. Sue Kimber

    Hi there, I will find this a very useful facility – am a little too lazy to do the counting manually. It has also been of use in another way – two of my opponents have been stuck in my ‘their move’ list for 32 hours but were showing on your site as waiting for my move. WF hadn’t updated just those two in my lists! I logged out and back in and they updated, still showing the last move for both was 32 hours ago. I had no idea that WF coul fail to update individual games while others updated normally. So thanks to your site for making me aware of it.

  4. Sue Kimber

    One question – I couldn’t find a ‘log out’ button. Having logged in, and linked to my WF account, I would like to log out when leaving the site. How do we log out?

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the great feedback! At the moment, there is no need to log out – the site is not linked to your account in any kind of permanent way, and does not store your details.

      A future version will probably use cookies to remember your login session and offer a “log out” option should you wish to clear that, but for now there’s no need.

      Hope this helps!

      • Sue Kimber

        Thanks, aredavey. I’ve bookmarked the site because I’ll definitely be using it.

        • Sue,

          The site is now using a cookie so that your web browser will remember the session – you don’t need to log in on every visit.

          The session should last for 1 day, so I expect that you will be asked to log in once per day. There is also a log out link which will clear this data should you desire.

  5. Lisa

    Love the site. I have used this the past week and believe it contributed to at least 2 victories because I too have not been inclined to count tiles on my own. I can’t suggest any improvements for a web based program.

  6. rw

    Looks excellent, a really great timesaver
    esp. for the serious player. More useful than feudfan :)!
    Drop me an email, as a developer and avid wf league player I’d be interested in the really interested in how you are interfacing with wf !
    Great work keep it up!

  7. rw

    Probably my end … your email gone missing too!
    Great it’s now in colour 🙂

  8. rw

    Still in awe! Great stuff!
    Remaining tiles show up 13 across
    to match the displayed board width … on a small screen
    those further right can be missed if you don’t scroll horizontally …might it be better to show remaining tiles
    10 across ..which both fits my screen (!) &
    would make it easier to verify (modulo 10!)
    how many are left …

    • How’s that now? To be honest when I first made it the intention was to make everything the same width on my various devices – I didn’t consider using the tile display to count remaining tiles. Maybe I’ll add a little numeric indicator as well…

  9. rw

    Exo ! Thought i was seeing things … Only posted my
    Request a few minutes ago!
    Yes counters would be good
    -including a count of tiles ‘in the bag’
    i.e unseen less those on opponent’s rack,
    imho a poor omission from wf’s own interface’

  10. rw

    excellent ! much appreciated – rw

    • You always seem to be on here while I’m tinkering… apologies for the error 500 messages just now. Tile count breakdown added, with a cheeky little change of message when the bag is empty 😉

  11. Sharon

    Love the number of tiles in their rack feature.

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