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It’s been up and running for a while now, and has had a coat of paint or 2 since the last post, so I thought I’d pimp my Wordfeud Tile Tracker again.

I’ve been promoting it on the Wordfeud League of Honour site semi-regularly, and mentioning it to my opponents – well, the chatty ones anyway 😉 There have been 18 unique user logins in the past 10 days, and a total of 5709 (and counting) total page views to date.

I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to spread word about the site – I made it for people to use.

For those of you who haven’t yet dived in, here’s a fresh set of screengrabs to show how far it’s come since the last post:

Login screen Game list Game view - in progress Game view - finished game 

Positive and negative feedback is welcome in the comment section of this post!


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  1. O. G. Kverneland

    Great website! But it doesn’t work in German….

  2. harry

    Great tool, but as already mentioned it only works for games in English. I also play in Dutch, German, French and Spanish, and for all those languages the remaining tiles aren’t correct. I suppose this only has to do with the specific letter distributions in those languages, and your programm can be adapted relatively easy to these different letter counts. Looking forward to the multilingual version.

    • Since there is (unsurprisingly) a demand to support the other languages, I will make this the next piece of functionality I look into adding. I have a *reasonable* idea of how to add that support – leave it with me!

    • OK, as far as I can tell, that *should* be working now… Would be great if you could try it out!

  3. Kbj

    Love it:-)
    WF can now be played ” on the go” . I often loose because the opponent is at home tracking the tiles manually with paper and pen.
    I suggest that the remaining letters is shown in a single row for each letter.
    Get it?
    ( works in danish)
    If you make an app for android or apple i will gladly pay for it.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      As far as creating an app, it’s something that I’m thinking about. I’ve never done any mobile development, so there’s a pretty steep learning curve, but it’s a nice project to cut my teeth on. All I can say is “watch this space” for now.

      Re: the remaining tile display, I can totally see why it’d be useful to show one letter per row, but this would potentially add almost 20 rows to the length of the page and make it impossible to fit them all on the screen at one on a mobile device – this was one of my requirements when I first wrote the site.

  4. Klaus birk jensen

    How about this:
    DDD. EEEE. FF…….

    Both ways can fit in the screen of a mobile device and will make it easier to overlook the remaining tiles.

  5. Klaus birk jensen

    A(5). B(4). C(2)
    D(3). E(4). F(3)……

    Bst regards KBJ

  6. Klaus birk jensen

    Loss of confidence! Today i experienced that the tile tracker showed the wrong letters and the wrong amount of remaining letters. This resulted in a unfortunate defeat. Hope that doesnt happen again. What went wrong?

    Klbj ( danish)

    • Hi Klaus,

      I’m very sorry to hear that – can you please tell me a bit more about the game so that I may investigate (at least the language and opponent’s name)? Nobody has volunteered to test the non-English support, so I am basically flying blind – I rely on the community feedback.


    • I can see the problem – it is not counting the score values for the multi-byte character tiles – Æ, Ø, Å

      I am now fighting with the limitations of the version of Perl on my webhost to see if I can work around this.

    • Klaus, I *believe* that this issue is now resolved – are you able to test for me?

      Incidentally, the tile scores are taken from the official website (http://wordfeud.com/wf/help/) – if any are found to be inaccurate then please let me know.

    • Any update following my fix? I like to hear from people when things are going right as well as wrong 🙂

  7. jane ch

    Brilliant! Well done Ardavey!

  8. H

    My email address doesn’t work?

  9. rw

    Still great stuff! Thanks again

  10. Liam Donnelly

    Hi there after I login there appears to be no sign of the button that takes me to the site I just get a screen saying I’m successful logging in and a numerical string but cannot progress. Any further thanks

  11. Ben

    After a terrible experience with the app ‘wordfeud secretary’ ; which did not worked at all ; I discovered this link.
    Perfect !!!
    If you decide to make an app for the true App Store I will gladly pay for it.
    Thanks a lot.

    • I’m glad you like it!

      I have not tried the “Wordfeud Secretary” app, as it does not appear to give as much information as my website. If you have any suggested features, however crazy they might sound, then please let me know – development is driven by the community.

      My website will always be free to use, and should be “mobile-friendly”, so it does not use a lot of data and is readable on most smartphones.

  12. Mrs Nicola Bond

    Hey Mr Davey, I’m happy to be one of your beta-guinea-pigs!

    • Excellent, Mrs Bond… can you please log out of the site using the button and then log in again with your details so that it picks up your user ID? Let me know once you’ve done that and I’ll flick the switch.

  13. Hi, when I log in, it briefly says “successfully logged in” then kicks me out 3 seconds later to the login screen. If I tap the “continue” button that appears under the “successfully logged in” message it kicks me out to same login screen anyway. Can you help fix this please?

    • Not sure what the problem is – it’s working fine for me and I’ve not had any other complaints… Have you tried a hard refresh of the page?

      I’ll take a look at the logs to see if there are any clues. Can you tell me your WF username?

  14. Janet


    Have just tried to download ardavey but it says it’s invalid password – I am on vacation in Florida from UK could that be a problem

    • Hi Janet,
      That shouldn’t be a problem – were you able to use the site alright in the UK? Please make sure that you are using the email address and password which you used when you first signed up with Wordfeud.


  15. OG4

    Your website has saved me a lot of time 🙂 Question: When does a game disappear from “Completed Games” and goes into “Archived Games”?

    • Glad to hear it!

      A game will be stored in the archive the first time you log in to the site after completing it – so, for a while, your most recently completed games will show in both ‘Completed’ and ‘Archive’. As long as you log into the site at least once after completing a game and before the game disappears from the ‘Completed’ section then that game will be archived.

      I don’t control how long games stay in the ‘Completed’ section – that’s determined by how long the Wordfeud server itself makes them available.

      Hope this helps!

  16. Liz Nissan

    I really like the tile tracker – the only problem I have with it is that it won’t close with the back button on my mobile phone – I have to use the task manager to close it every time (Samsung Galaxy S2). Not a big problem at all – but you did ask for feedback. Like others, I’d pay for an app if you decide to go in that direction

    • That’s really odd – I’ve tested it on a variety of browsers on a selection of Android handsets and never had any problems. Do you have this problem with any other websites, or just mine?

  17. jeps


    This tool is great! I’ve thrown away paper & pencil for good now. You’ve done a really, really good work on this. Love it!

    A suggestion: would it be possible to track date&time each time a draw is made? This would be of very good help in tournaments where there are time limits, to show who is slowing down the game. Then this site would go from really great to f-g awesome 🙂

    Take care

  18. jeps

    Yes, a time-stamp for each move, a kind of a log file for the game.

    • I’d love to be able to do that, but unfortunately that data is not available from the game server itself – my site would need to store users’ login credentials and use those to poll the game site very frequently on the off-chance that a play has been made. The overhead of doing this for hundreds of games is not really sustainable/scalable.

      Ideally, the Wordfeud game developers would introduce this facility – I would recommend submitting a request to them 🙂

  19. Robert M Walker


    I signed in but I dont see a page with my current games.

    I am on an Ipad. Could this be a problem ?


  20. Honesty

    As part of the league of HONOUR, I was hoping that those I play in the tournament would be HONEST and not use any form of computerised assistance. I play ardavey, who plugs this site, only to find that people are using a computer assisted tile counter. It has caused me to lose faith in the honesty of my opponents, and the tournament as a whole. Anyone who uses this has an unfair advantage against people like me, who work very hard to get to the level they are at today. Next time you win, just know that you didn’t win fairly if you are using this. It should be banned from the tournament, otherwise there is no ‘honour’.

    • ardavey

      The tile distribution for Wordfeud is publicly available on the developer’s website and is identical for every game in a given language. Would you deem it unfair if a player were to use this information, a pencil and a piece of paper to keep track of which tiles have been placed in a game so that they know what remains?

      This is a very common technique in competitive Scrabble and is allowed in the League of Honour. My website is nothing more than a digital version of this technique – it does not facilitate cheating. It simply replaces the pencil and paper in this scenario.

      I suggest that you research your complaints further in future and direct them at the actual cheat sites, of which there are many. Do not make allegations of dishonourable play just because you personally choose not to use a legal strategy.

  21. Langley Howard

    Ho can I get the tracker app.

  22. Alan

    In last day or so, the site has required me to login each and every time I use it. Previously I could stay logged in for weeks before I’d have to re-log in. Has something changed recently? Also it’s showing lists in a super extra large font whereas previously it was much smaller and more normal. The “View” buttons are also supersized. Cheers

    • Nothing’s changed at my side. Works for me and nobody else has mentioned anything.
      Have you changed your web browser settings? Running in “private” or “incognito” mode or disabling cookies could explain the login behaviour. Have you tried on a different browser or device?

  23. Powell Kiplagat Cheruiyot

    hi i cant fnd the app the link redirects me here

  24. Soeren Bindinger

    Hi, Andrew,

    I’m an admin in WLoH Deutsch (german), and I have been advocating your service there for quite a while.
    It is much better – by far – then all of the apps offered for tracking tiles in the Google playstore, and it’s free.
    A thousand thanks for that!.

    I love those extra features especially:

    automatic archiving
    option to show the board
    option to show the opponents avatar in full resolution (up to 1024×1024)
    option to copy text from the games’ chats as text

    Maybe that advocating was too successful, so that the server crashed under the strain?:
    This is what is seen since several hours:

    “Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request … (Int ErrorNr 500)”

    I hope you’re well, and I wish you all the best!


  25. Nii Odoi

    Hello, it’s Nii Odoi here. Anytime I log in with my word feud credentials, it brings me back to the main page. Please any help with that?

    • Helene B

      The same thing happens to me. I can see the Log out button though, so somhow logged in. I use .hotmail, is that the problem?

      Thank you for a briljant site!


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