Wordfeud tile tracking

As I play more league games at Wordfeud League of Honour, I’m finding it increasingly useful to count the tiles played in my games. This gives me 2 important bits of information.

Firstly, I know at a glance which “high risk” tiles are still out there, so I can be careful not to leave spaces open which may be used by some of the higher scoring letters.

Secondly, towards the end of a game, it tells me exactly which tiles my opponent has on their rack.

This is a completely legal tactic in competitive Scrabble, and is allowed in the particular league I play. However, because of the mobile-centric nature of this game (I tend to play it on my phone), it’s not always convenient to perform such tracking on paper.

After some brief Googling, I came across a simple web-based tool written by James Byers, found at www.tile-tracker.com. However, Mr Byers is clearly not a Wordfeud player, so I have created an updated copy of this tool which supports my game of choice – ardavey.com/tiles

Eventually, I hope to write an automated web-based tool to perform this task – something which, given your Wordfeud credentials, will present a list of all current games and the remaining tiles, or something along those lines. This of course depends on me completing the API I’m working on – I’m getting there!

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